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Post by Reckless Poison on Thu Jul 26, 2007 12:40 am

I may be kinda talkative but I wanna know Why!!!

Shocking yet not surprising: sad statistics

There are only 14 million Jews in the world; seven million in the Americas, five million in Asia, two million in Europe and 100,000 in Africa . For every single Jew in the world there are 100 Muslims. Yet, Jews are more than a hundred times more powerful than all the Muslims put together. Ever wondered why?

Over the past 105 years, 14 million Jews have won 15-dozen Nobel Prizes while only three Nobel Prizes have been won by 1.4 billion Muslims (other than Peace Prizes).

Can you name the most beneficent philanthropist in the history of the world?
The name is George Soros, a Jew, who has so far donated a colossal $4 billion most of which has gone as aid to scientists and universities around the world. Second to George Soros is Walter Annenberg, another Jew, who has built a hundred libraries by donating an estimated $2 billion.

Question: So, why are Jews so powerful?

Answer: Education.

Why are Muslims so powerless????????????????

There are an estimated 1,476,233,470 Muslims on the face of the planet: one billion in Asia, 400 million in Africa, 44 million in Europe and six million in the Americas . Every fifth human being is a Muslim; for every single Hindu there are two Muslims, for every Buddhist there are two Muslims and for every Jew there are one hundred Muslims. Ever wondered why Muslims are so powerless?

Why are Muslims so powerless???????????????? Is it lack of education???

OR because we have abandoned our Religion & Quraan We r not fit anymore We r the last( fel deel zy ma bey2oolo)

Answer meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Frankly plss Tala3o elly fe dema3'ko We have to search for a solution
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Post by Tulip on Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:39 am

mfish 3ezza lelmoslemin mn gher denhom, wtbi3i enena lma nkoon 3yzin 3ezza bgher deen rbena rbena 7yzellena

wb3den e7na enshagalna beldonya awi, zyada 3n ellozoom y3ni bsra7a, wkhdna mn el'3arb salbeyat-hom, tb3n ana msh b3ammem bs da elwad3 elghaleb..

thts why we r powerless, add b2a enena ba2ena followers wnsina enena konna yom mn el2yyam leaders, nsina asln y3ni eh leadership, khalas fqadna elhemma..


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